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Circle Play Pad


Introducing a nap pad with a cute circle and stylish color play. Circle Play Pad is a pad produced after a long planning period from design and color combination to material consideration. With a vintage color, it becomes a cute point item when used as a play mat at home as well as a nap pad for daycare.

The material is made of high-density cotton on both the front and back sides. 100-count high-density cotton is a high-quality material and is often used in hotel bedding. It has a denser and denser texture than normal cotton, which prevents mites, and its silky soft touch helps children sleep in a comfortable environment. It is also a good material for children who are sensitive to dust. The back side is made of 100-count high-density quilted cotton, which can be used alternately from front to back. It is a material that is strong against frequent washing, and it is an item that satisfies both practicality and unique design as it is easy to carry at daycare centers and travel.

Pad - Front: 100 count quilted cotton / Back: 100 count high-density cotton / Filling: Zerdenia 12 oz

Pad - 85 x 120cm (±1-3cm)

washing tip
Please put it in the washing net and wash it with wool course, and refrain from excessive spin-drying. Never use a dryer, high-temperature water, boiling function, or bleach, and let it dry naturally in a shaded place. Because color transfer may occur due to the characteristics of the fabric, it is recommended to wash separately for the first washing.

Made in Korea


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