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Mini Rainbow Set / Desert Night

Rainbow toy is one of the most popular toys. Its minimalistic design encourages children to use their imagination to the fullest and that is why this toy may be used in a variety of games.

How is rainbow toy useful?

With arch stacker child develops coordination and hand fine motor skills. Smaller children first play with it like with a puzzle: they learn the sizes and try to assemble a full rainbow from 7 arches. Later, child learns colours and notions "bigger" and "smaller" / "taller" and "shorter" / "wider" and "thinner" etc.

And more grown-up kids find out how balancing works and develop concentration: they take the biggest arch, put it upside down, and try to build the stable construction on it from other arches.

The game range is wide: building mazes and tunnels for cars, making mountains and multi-leveled constructions and playing on it with other favorite toys, using arches as cradles or slides and so many more.

Let the creativity of your child grow.

Please Note:

Сolours may slightly differ from pictures (depends on your screen settings). We do not use any filters in our pictures to show the true shades as close to reality as possible.

There may be some wood marks on toys. Our paint does not cover the pattern of wood, so it can be seen very beautifully - the lines and the spots. It means the uniqueness of your toy.

Toys are smooth and carefully crafted so that it is nice to play with and to hold in hands, but sometimes it may be a little velvety to touch - it always depends on the wood.

Our toys are topped with finish (which is the same as paint: water-based and non-toxic), so that different parts do not color each other. However, sometimes dark colors may leave marks on the light ones.

Size: 17 x 8.5 x 4 cm /  6,7 x 3.35 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 0.25 kg

Paint: non-toxic water-based paint

Recommended age: from 1 year to 5

Material: wood (linden or birch)


Made in Ukraine.

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