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Magnetic Foodies Kit

What are you going to have for breakfast kiddos? I have no idea mom! Confused no more, this will be your best kit to give ideas for your meal plan.

We have 5 colourful looking plates for you to arrange your meal! What's in the kit: 5 magnetic plates, 15 food magnets (meat, veggies and junk food!)

Easy peasy! What you need to do is to just place your favorite food onto the plate! But please do remember to add some veggies for every meal kiddos! They are good for a healthy balanced meal. You can also color the plates or draw your own favorite food  (erasable markers are recommended).

Once done, show them to your momma! Let them know what you want for your next meal! All materials are magnetic, so you can put them on the fridge or magnetic boards.

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