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Kaffle First Foods Bib 3Packs

This set features one soft-collared, milk-catching bib and two first-foods bibs.

Absorbent and water repellent, our bibs soak up messes without soaking through!

Our luxurious, silky-soft Kaffle weave fabric surrounds both an absorbent fleece and a waterproof inner layer. Spills are caught and prevented from reaching clothes or baby!

Milk-catching bib features a snuggly, fleece neckline to catch dribbles and spills. All bibs have soft, no-snag hook and loop that won’t scratch baby or catch in the wash.

Tug-proof, side-shoulder closure keeps the bib on when you want it and makes removal extra easy and painless for babies – no caught hair!

Our Kaffle fabric is extremely soft making it perfect for all babies, even those with sensitive skin. Kaffle washes up beautifully and will even become softer with each wash!

All of our bibs are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. This means that our fabric is free of any potentially harmful chemicals, even those not legally regulated.

Wash thoroughly before each use
Machine wash cool
Gentle detergent
Hang or tumble dry low

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