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Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 12 fl oz / 4 month+

Please note: This is a pre-order item. The product will take 2-3 weeks to arrive after Pre-Order Session is closed. Pre-Order Window will be on the 14th and 28th of the month.

Twistshake’s anti-colic feeding bottle counteracts infant colic with an air valve and mixer net. BPA free. Soft, round teat. Wide bottleneck. Swedish design.

  • BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child
  • PP plastic - made of premium polypropylene.
  • Teat - of silicone in size S (0 + m) with air valve
  • Mixer net - dissolves any lumps
  • Anti-colic baby bottle - Twistshake's flow system, TwistFlow, counteracts infant colic with its air valve and mixer net
  • Smart container - prepare the meal at home in the convenient container. If you have two or more, you can stack them
  • Extra-wide bottleneck - easy for you to clean and refill
  • Ergonomically designed - grip-friendly for both babies and parents

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