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Collage Basket (2 sizes)

Note: This is a pre-order item. The product will take 2 weeks after Pre-Order window is closed to arrive. Pre-Order Window will end on the 14th and 28th of the month.

It is a fabric basket that is good for storing small things for children. Unlike rattan or plastic materials, the fabric basket is easy to wash, and it is also safe to use as it is a soft fabric, so it is great to put it next to the bed.

The collage basket is an artwork basket in which cotton fabrics are cut out one by one as if children were playing with colored paper with scissors, and sewn together using the rough ends.

The vintage color of the pigment-dyed fabric goes well with a low-saturation space. Deep green and brick color, cobalt blue and brown color is a sophisticated combination of colors, and a lot of attention has been paid to the overall color. 


Made in Korea Design/Production:

Size: Large Basket 28 (diameter) x 21 (height)cm (±1 -3 cm)

small basket
20 (diameter) x 15 (height) cm (±1-3cm)

material: cotton 100% (100-water nubim cotton + 20-digit pigment cotton)


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