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Cloth Nappy - Mint

Size:  My Little Gumnut reusable nappies are suitable for weight ranges 3-18kg.

My Little Gumnut Cloth Nappies have be specifically designed for comfort, ease of use and effectiveness. The nappies have 2 components – a soft, breathable and water-resistant outer layer (“the shell”) and a super thirsty insert.

My Little Gumnut Reusable Cloth Nappy shells are made with an ultrasoft water-resistant material on the outside and feature a pocket made with 100% bamboo fleece on the inside. The bamboo layer will sit against your baby's skin, keeping them dry and comfortable.

My Little Gumnut Cloth Nappy inserts are made with 2 layers of 100% bamboo on the outside and are filled with 3 layers of ultra-thirsty microfiber on the inside.

Putting it all together, the insert will slide into the pocket of the shell, to create the perfect cloth nappy system for your little one.

As the insert is the absorbency part of the nappy, it has been specifically designed to quickly wick away any moisture (wee), leaving your baby's skin feeling dry. By sliding the insert into the pocket of the shell, you are creating a barrier (the bamboo fleece layer) between babies skin and the insert. The bamboo fleece does not absorb the wee, rather it allows it to pass through and be absorbed into the insert.

Having this layer of protection between the insert and babies skin allows for the insert to be changed without having to change the complete nappy (please note, we recommend changing the entire nappy every 2-3 changes however if the baby does a poo, the entire nappy will need to be changed).

My Little Gumnut's stay-dry nappy design leaves your baby's skin feeling dry which will decrease the likelihood of your little one developing any sort of nappy rash.

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