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Bamboo Inserts For Cloth Nappies

All of My Little Gumnut's nappies will come with one five-layered bamboo insert (made with 2 layers of bamboo and 3 layers of microfiber for maximum absorbancy). Bamboo Inserts are also available to purchase either individually.

Additional inserts are beneficial if opting to change just the insert at change time. Additional inserts can also be used for heavy wetters or can be doubled up for nighttime use.

The combination of bamboo and microfiber in our inserts means they work hard to keep your baby dry and comfortable. The bamboo fleece will act as a wick to draw the wetness into the thirsty microfiber and away from babies skin.

Always follow the care instructions provided at the time of purchasing to ensure your inserts work at their best and provide the maximum absorbency level.

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