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Bermbach Handcrafted

Discover handmade rattan cribs and accessories, that are made with love for the wellbeing of your child. BERMBACH Handcrafted offer products that are individual, sustainable and aesthetic.

For their own children, they themselves spent quite some time searching for a wickerwork cradle, something which had been used for many previous generations. They are light and airy, aesthetically round, yet sturdy. However, their search proved fruitless. Through this unfulfilled wish of the Bermbach family, they came upon the idea of designing classical wicker furniture themselves. Within a very short time, they founded a workshop and the very first beds appeared.

Bermbach beds are not only stable and practical but also speak to our senses. It reminds us of the beauty of functionality joined together with aesthetics, and the wonder of how natural materials and skilled craftsmanship are able to work together in perfect unison.

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